How do you find a good computer tech? We’ve all heard the horror stories of technicians who made the situation worse. What should you be looking for?

A good computer tech company should be able to complete most jobs in one to three hours. Ask them ahead of time how long it will take and be sure to be very detailed about the issues you’re having with your computers and devices.

Additionally, be sure you’re clear on if they charge hourly or a flat rate. Also ask if they do this full time or if it’s side work. Someone who does this work full time and has been for several years is likely going to be better than someone new to it and does it part-time.

Do they seem friendly on the phone or are they difficult to talk to? Finding someone technically capable and good with people is definitely a plus.

Do they charge for travel time? Do they work on only Windows-based PCs or do they work on Macs as well? Can they help with your smartphone and tablet devices? These are all questions to consider when considering hiring someone to help you with your technical needs.

Also, how old is your computer? Systems five years or older are often worth replacing. Some new computers can be bought new for a relatively low cost. A good technician can help you copy your personal files from the old PC to the new one and teach you how to use it.

This will give you a much faster system with a lot more storage space to save photos, videos and music. Every technician has their favorite makes and models – just ask what they recommend you buy.

If you have a current technician, are they making sure you’re doing regular backups? Backups are crucial, as your computer’s hard drive, which stores your important personal files, can crash any day. No one can predict if and when this will happen. No one wants to lose all of their precious family photos.

To sum things up: don’t be afraid to give as many details as possible to a technician and ask as many questions as you want before hiring them. This will help ensure you have the best experience with a computer tech.

–by Nathanael Terra, of Terra PC Services

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