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My computer crashed while I was on vacation and Upgrade Taos Computer Solutions did an amazing job fixing my computer. He was kind, reasonably priced and did an exceptional job.

Christine Duffy Avatar Christine Duffy
July 14, 2024

Thought I had a virus on my new laptop. Called Mike up and met him at his shop. I'm a retired professional and Mike's attitude and helpfulness were outstanding. He basically talked me off the ledge. Scanned my computer and assured me I really didn't have a virus. Explained things in a way that I could understand. Reinstated virus protection software (Defender) that I am comfortable in and trust. His rate was more than reasonable. If you have a question or problem, with your computer, call him up.

Richard Bradley Avatar Richard Bradley
March 16, 2024

Awesome! 100% recommend. I brought my macbook to Upgrade Taos Computer Solutions thinking it had a battery problem. Mike did a wonderful job diagnosing what was going on. It turned out to be a more complex issue. Although Mike wasn't able to fix the issue himself, he gave me an amazing referral to a place that could. In all, my macbook now works perfectly and was repaired at minimal cost. Thank you Mike for your time, honesty and integrity!

Melina Laroussi Avatar Melina Laroussi
February 15, 2024

Good honest and prompt service from a genuine whiz. Solved my problems and was a wealth of knowledge in short order. Nice to have a go to computer fixer in Taos!

David Mapes Avatar David Mapes
October 31, 2023

The best computer repair shop in Taos - very smart, efficient, and quick to fix your problem - whatever it may be. I will not take my laptop to anyone else - thank you for being so available and efficient!

Sharon A Smith Avatar Sharon A Smith
June 13, 2023

Mike and his wife are two great people! Check out the web page and see what they're all about.

Kathleen Ninneman Avatar Kathleen Ninneman
January 24, 2023

Absolutely the best ever. Have used Mike for years. He's fast, he knows what he's doing and he's affordable. No one here is anywhere near comparable.

Judith Cahill Avatar Judith Cahill
June 30, 2022

Love Mike. He's taken care of all my computer needs for years.

Robyn O'Boyle Avatar Robyn O'Boyle
February 27, 2022

Mike has always been very responsive and quick to troubleshoot our problems and fix them.

Paul Richard Avatar Paul Richard
August 20, 2021

Finest tech support in Taos County. No joke, I never met a more qualified computer tech than Mike at Upgrade Taos. Depend on getting competent, consistent and honest tech support!

Tony Romero Avatar Tony Romero
August 15, 2021

I have visited Upgrade Taos Computer solutions twice now and I have been impressed both times. The first time I brought in my PC in a panic because both charging ports had stopped working and Mike was able to fix the problem in about 15 minutes. The next time, I brought in my boyfriend's Macbook because we had accidentally spilled milk on the keyboard and he was able to fix it up to working condition in a matter of an hour or two. Whether it's a Mac or a PC, Mike and Misty are talented, experienced, and really care about their work. I'd trust them with any computer repair.

Catherine LeMontangue Avatar Catherine LeMontangue
June 30, 2021

I was working online while visiting Taos when my laptop died. I found Upgrade and went to them because the tone of the other computer repair place's websites was harsh ("$45 deposit required" or "up to 5 days to service your computer unless you want to pay $85 to jump the line"). Meanwhile, Upgrade's website is like, "most repairs can be done in an hour" sort of attitude with a friendly website. So, after making judgement based on website tone I drove over and was greeted by Max the giant dog (the only downside to Upgrade is being greeted by a giant barking dog). Anyway, Mike looked at my computer right there on the spot, gave me his quick assessment (not a good one either) and said he'd like to keep the computer for a while to run some tests. He called me a few hours later with the bad news (yup, dead computer). I picked it up and he wouldn't take any money for his work! No minimum charge, not deposit, nothing. He refused to take my money, saying he didn't do that much. So, next time I'm in Taos with a malfunctioning computer I'm going back over to see Max and Mike.

Scott Walker Avatar Scott Walker
March 22, 2021

Easy to reach, very friendly, easy to drop off my computer when I needed to, and most importantly, he did the job a little quicker than estimated and for less labor cost. Even an Apple Store takes longer to do a screen replacement. Don't hesitate to come here for work on your Mac; this was probably the best experience I have had at a computer repair shop.

Alex S Avatar Alex S
March 22, 2021

Mike gave me counsel as if I was a friend or next door neighbor. We only met on the phone yet he went Above & Beyond anticipating all my pertinent questions before I could even ask for some Free Advice. Patient, Friendly & Superbly Professional.

Rick Tanega Avatar Rick Tanega
February 5, 2021

I'd give more than 5 stars if I could. Mike was absolutely splendid. I showed up close to closing time but he dove right into my problem and was extremely thorough and professional. He even ordered a peripheral part on my behalf. If you're anywhere near Taos, that is where you must go for any computer problem.

Damion Dunlap Avatar Damion Dunlap
February 3, 2021

We were visiting in town and had a computer emergency. We found Mike on Google, and he diagnosed the problem within an hour. He was super responsive and professional!

Jonathan Tipton Avatar Jonathan Tipton
January 14, 2021

My first computer repair need in Taos. Couldn't be happier. Mike turned around my 7 year old, almost dying, MacBookPro within 24 hours! Labor charges VERY fair. Not charged bench time for idle reboot time like many others might. So glad to have a local computer repair home in Taos!

John Dawson Avatar John Dawson
December 16, 2020

Very helpful people

Wild Divine Feminine Avatar Wild Divine Feminine
July 15, 2020

Mike the owner is awesome. Very knowledgeable, honest, good guy. I highly recommend taos upgrade computer solutions for anyone needing tech repairs or upgrades, I've gone here multiple times now, and won't trust anyone else with my stuff. Very fair priced. Go check them out today!

Dom Rodrig Avatar Dom Rodrig
June 19, 2020

Iv'e owned an art gallery in taos for 48 years. Not until i met mike and misty did i ever find an IT guy who not only could fix our bugs, problems, hackers and the like, but foresaw any future problems that might arise. (and that includes howie who built our stuff but he's a slacker, but also an angel from heaven without whom taos would be a dried out cantina). So, all hail UPGRADE! michael mccormick

Michael McCormick Avatar Michael McCormick
April 21, 2020

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Super friendly and fast. He knows his stuff. Got my computer up and running in no time and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Chrystal Lewis Avatar Chrystal Lewis
September 28, 2020

Ninja? Wizard? Guru? Pick a term - it will fit. Mike is still fixing my problems even though I moved from Taos 3 years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Laura Melanie Collins Avatar Laura Melanie Collins
March 26, 2020

Wow ! Always a pleasure!!! I have been taking my son's laptops and PC 's to Upgrade Taos for years . Fast ,easy ,EXTREMELY informative. Same day service. AWESOME . Thank you so much Mike !!!

Jeannie Fernandez Avatar Jeannie Fernandez
April 23, 2019

They know what they're doing!

Jill Wasden Avatar Jill Wasden
March 28, 2019

Mike has been keeping my computer and tablet up and running for a number of years. He has built me at least 2 computers that I remember!! He is the best!!

Katherine Conty Kasza Avatar Katherine Conty Kasza
March 2, 2018

Computer crashed, Apple wanted to fix it for $531 flat rate, 10 business days...Mike took care of the problem for $80 and I had it the next day. This guy's the bomb.

Diane Eriksson Avatar Diane Eriksson
December 9, 2017

My computer was going so slow. I kept trying to clean it with "Clean My Mac" Michael informed me that the program itself was a virus and totally unnecessary. I called them at about 10:30am, was at his place about 11am, and my computer was cleaned up and sped up by 11:45. I was very pleased!

Hannah Rappaport Avatar Hannah Rappaport
September 12, 2017

Kathryn Hartney Herman Avatar Kathryn Hartney Herman
July 30, 2017

I brought my laptop for repair to Mike and Misty and was very pleased with the level of service, reasonable prices, professionalism, turn around time for repairs, and knowledge. They were even able to fix things that I had been told were not repairable by another out of town company. Thank you Upgrade Taos!

Katherine G. Matthews Avatar Katherine G. Matthews
June 4, 2017

Thank you ! My printer went offline and a quick phone call saved my day ! Great customer service.

Lisa Brown Avatar Lisa Brown
May 25, 2017

The Best Service, Most Reasonable Rates, and Mike and Misty are great!

Yamuna Devi Avatar Yamuna Devi
April 9, 2017

Mike & Misty Bruce @ Upgrade Taos is Taos Properties Real Estate Tech-911, we call them first when we have a Tech Emergency! They are responsive, resourceful, knowledgeable with great follow-up. We highly recommend Upgrade Taos to all of our clients and the greater Taos community. Thanks for everything!

Lisa Cancro Avatar Lisa Cancro
February 27, 2017

I always recommend Upgrade Taos to whoever asks me for a computer service because over the years I have bought five recommended computers, received many on-site virus cleanings and patient phone consultations, and always paid a fair price.

David Payne Avatar David Payne
December 8, 2016

Corey Langer Avatar Corey Langer
September 23, 2016

These two are, hands down, the best techs in Taos for all of your personal and business needs! Their turnaround is faster than anyone else I've ever worked with and they do a stellar job! Their communication is above and beyond and their attention to detail cannot be beat. Check them out -- these guys are the real deal!

Sarah Redding Avatar Sarah Redding
July 15, 2016

We have known UpGrade Taos Computer Solutions from its inception and can only offer praise for their expertise and integrity. Such attributes are rarely found in the abundance that they share. Their value is their immediate and forthright consideration. Kudos!

Leslie Harrington Avatar Leslie Harrington
July 14, 2016

Great service, very fast return! I've taken 3 computers there in the last two weeks and it's been a great experience every time! Life savers for the business I manage!

Rachel Swigart Avatar Rachel Swigart
July 14, 2016

I had the most wonderful experience with this company! I was told that my logic board was fried and that my computer was dead. I was on Facebook looking for a new computer when Upgrade Taos contacted me. I mentioned my dead computer and they offered to look at it for free. I dropped it off with little to no hope...I got less than 5 minutes away when I received a call saying it was fixed. I guess the logic board was fine... Very professional and knowledgable. I will definitely be using this company in the future! Thank you Upgrade Taos Computer Solutions you made my day. A true Taos gem!

Jacob Michael Hagerty Avatar Jacob Michael Hagerty
June 22, 2016

Important lesson learned: Do not keep an almost full 64GB memory card in your phone without periodically backing up to some other external drive or cloud. My phone was fried, possibly with the help of the memory card, causing the memory card to become corrupt. That's 5,000+ pictures and videos that I thought were gone forever. With the expert help from Upgrade Taos Computer Solutions, Mike was able to recover EVERYTHING!! I will never keep that many pictures in my phone again.

Charlotte Jeantete Avatar Charlotte Jeantete
October 6, 2015

Best of the Best. Love working with them. We have used them for over 6 yrs and have always been satisfied, actually happy. The cost is great the knowledge and support is superior. Thanks for being here when we need you..

Joey Blue Avatar Joey Blue
May 21, 2015

Patience, Professionalism and Perseverance at its best!

Alicia Corral Avatar Alicia Corral
May 6, 2015

Mike & Misty the new laptop is awesome!! Thanks for the great service..

Jeff Trammel Avatar Jeff Trammel
February 25, 2015

So often in this world we must make sacrifices to live the life we treasure. Usually, reliable technology and off-the-beaten-path-locales (like Taos) do not the twain meet. Our recent experience with Mike at Upgrade Taos was a notable exception to that rule. We have lived in many large cities, including the cyber-nerd Valhalla of Seattle, WA., and I can say that Upgrade Taos would compete quite well in that market. 'Nuff said?

Tom Banks Avatar Tom Banks
November 4, 2014

Misty was great. I was told by others that it could not be done. She did it 2 hours. Great service, great price.

Jana Breen Avatar Jana Breen
October 31, 2014

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! This is the best company for computers in Taos...great prices, fast service and super friendly and great service! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me feel confident about what all you had to do and I am so glad I let you take my baby and you took great care of it!

Leslie LeMense Avatar Leslie LeMense
October 1, 2014

Mike and Misty are efficient, affordable, and extremely pleasant people to work with. Upgrade Taos gives me invaluable technical help, they fix my computers in a pinch, and they keep my internet and wireless working perfectly. Thank you to this brilliant computer team, Taos is so lucky to have you!

Deanna L. Nelson Avatar Deanna L. Nelson
September 18, 2014

Jake Quintana Avatar Jake Quintana
December 24, 2013

Martin Brule Jr Avatar Martin Brule Jr
December 19, 2013

Yelp Reviews

  We had a great experience with Mike yesterday. His knowledge of all things technical is only outmatched by his customer service excellence. It is good to know this resource exists and we will continue to use him for future needs.

thumb June R.

  I cannot say how happy I am with Mike's service , efficiency , knowledge and very quick response! I had to act very quickly when  my daughter spilled water on my laptop and i immediately called the first computer repair on yelp that I saw and I'm so glad I did!

thumb Kristeena S.

  If I could give 10 stars, I would...definately deserving!  My computer started operating slowly and I contacted Mike.  He had previously successfully trouble-shot my wife's laptop, and I knew that I could trust him to do the same with mine.  I called him and told him what I was experiencing and he said to bring it in and he'd look at it.  Within less than a few minutes he told me, but more importantly,  showed me what was wrong and what had to be done.  The mechanical hard drive needed to be replaced with a solid state variety.  Because of the condition of the hard drive the transfer of information to the new one took longer than we expected.  He had the unit up and running within hours of when I brought it in.  His expertise and knowledge about computer systems was obvious when he started troubleshooting and first told me what he thought was the problem.  My wife and I are very thankful to have found such a quality person as Mike.  His wife Misty was also there to assist on contacting me when the computer was repaired.  A great team effort, both very friendly, helpful and professional.  I would highly recommend Upgrade Taos for  their variety of computer services.  Very appreciative and thankful for them.  Mike & Marianne A

thumb Mike A.

  Didn't get an actual repair but talked to Mike on the phone and he was very friendly and helpful. Definitely will go there if I'm in the need and in the area again

thumb Ben L.

  What a great asset for Taos. I needed some quick and not very complicated work done on my MacBook Air. The other local business I called said it would take 3-5 days; Mike turned it around on the same day, in fact within hours. Pleasant and professional and very knowledgeable service. The office has no signage so it's easy to drive by; I had to call them to get more exact directions than I thought I needed.

thumb Harmony M.

  Before going to Upgrade Taos, I read several posts regarding my computer's issue which all stated that the fix would be expensive due to the extensive labor cost  to strip, install a replacement part, then rebuild my laptop. I dropped my laptop off with Mike who fixed it in one day for less than half the cost I anticipated. He could have charged me by more replacing a new part but  instead he found a simpler, less expensive way to fix it.  Because of his honest, ethical business practice, ultra-quick service and low cost, I will continue to use his services and refer my friends and family to him.

thumb Pamela W.

  This is a family business and they really care. I would not hesitate to use them for computer repairs. Not the place to buy a used mac, but definitely one to fix it.

thumb Rebecca H.

  Mike worked on a all- in-one computer that was one step from the dumpster. Got it up and running at a very reasonable price. Explained what he was doing as he worked on it.

thumb Donald B.

  I am new to Taos (from San Francisco) and was in need of computer software help.  I didn't know where to look. So, I write this review to save someone, in the same situation, possible headaches and money.  GO NO FURTHER!  Michael is the man to see.  Knowledgeable, personable with rates very fair and reasonable.  I was amazed to find his skills matching anyone in the Bay Area, a nice surprise.  Michael is part of a generation that grew up in the early computer world and has knowledge of computers, software, and networking that covers more than 25 years.  That's saying a lot for some on 41!  Look no further.  Need computer help, of any kind, Michael and Upgrade Taos Computer is the place to go.

thumb Ed R.
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