Custom Built Computers

What’s so special about our custom made computers?

We do the research. From reading the reports and reviews to our own trials and testing, we use only the best quality components to ensure reliability and long life span of the machine.

We make it a point to order as many USA made parts for our custom built computers as possible. They are absolutely far higher quality than the Chinese manufactured parts you’ll find in average big-box systems.

Our computers are built specific to your needs. We’ll consult with you to find out what you need from your computer and make yours optimal for your uses. If you’re a video game enthusiast, you will want top quality and speed in 3d graphics. If you’re a digital photographer, you’ll want to be sure to have plenty of hard drive space.

We offer a one-year warrantee on parts and stand behind our custom built machines 100%. If you should have any problems with our systems, you’ll get immediate, local support to resolve any issues quickly.

Our computers are GREEN! We use energy efficient components, and cool running chips which means our computers need less fans to keep them cool. We can get computers running on as low as 40 watts! These efficient computers are unbelievably quiet and make terrific file servers.

Custom Computers
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