Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please contact us! 575-758-8037

Where are you located?
We work out of our home office at 425 Cruz Alta, Taos, or we offer onsite service, pick up and delivery or remote desktop connection service to customers in the Taos, NM area. Please call us to schedule service 575-758-8037
What can I expect when I call?
When you call, you will speak directly with a technically knowledgeable professional. We will ask you more details about what type of computer you have and what problems you are experiencing. If your issue is a simple fix, such as a reboot or local internet outage, we are glad to offer simple tech support for no charge at all. If your computer issues require a technician, we will try to schedule your service appointment for the same or the next day.
How much do you charge to fix my computer?
We charge $90 per hour plus tax. We have a one-hour minimum on-site or half hour minimum in-house. The average invoice charge is one half hour to one and a half hours, or $45 – $180 plus tax for labor. Plus the cost of any parts your computer needs.
How much time will it take?
It is always our goal to repair your computer the same day of your appointment. Occasionally, parts might need to be ordered to complete the repair. Parts are ordered daily and usually arrive in 3 to 4 business days, your computer repair will be completed as soon as parts come in.
Do you charge extra for mileage or travel time?
If you are in the Town of Taos, we do not charge any extra mileage or travel time. If you are located outside of Taos, we ask if you can bring your computer into town for a few hours. We will work on your computer and get it back to you before you head back home. Larger computer jobs outside of Taos can be arranged to include travel time.
How long have you been in business?
We opened in March 2005. We’ve been in business for: 19 years, 4 months, 24 days ago
Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. We also accept cash or local checks.
Do you sell new computers?
Yes. We do not carry a stock of new computers, but we consult with you about your computer uses and budget and we can recommend the perfect computer for your needs. We can also order it for you and provide custom optimization and set it up at your office, and handle the warranty.
Do you build custom high-end gaming computers?
Yes. We build rock solid custom gaming PCs. We choose parts from the highest quality components and our expert technician will personally set up and optimize it. We provide a one-year warranty on all parts.
What is the best antivirus software?
The truth is, no antivirus software can completely protect your computer. We see antivirus programs on systems full of viruses all the time. Installing multiple antivirus programs will conflict and compete with each other for system resources. The best way to protect yourself from viruses is to be careful of what you click on, don’t open suspicious e-mails, don’t install software from unknown locations, and read those pop up screens before you click “ok”!
If you do get a virus, we can remove them quickly. We charge $90 plus tax for virus removal service.
I think I got a virus. Are you going to reload my whole computer and lose all of my programs?
No, it is NOT our standard practice to reformat and reload your whole computer. We are experts in virus removal, and can remove most of them without having to reload Windows. Only rare cases of a severe virus infection will require a reload. Even in those cases, we make our best attempt to restore your programs and settings the way you left them. We charge $90 plus tax for virus removal service.
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