Virus and Spyware Removal

If you notice your computer is slowing down, having pop-ups, crashes, or otherwise strange behavior, you may have a virus. We can diagnose the issue quickly and remove any virus and fix any problems associated with the infection.

We have a 100% success rate in removing problematic software and we guarantee our virus removal service. WE DO NOT RELOAD WINDOWS BY DEFAULT, ONLY AS A LAST RESORT! Most other computer shops will RELOAD AND REFORMAT your computer, then install too many antivirus programs, often lose your data and make you reinstall your own software!

We understand our customers regard their computer data and settings with the utmost importance, and our service always includes the highest attention to preserve and restore all data, programs and settings as the customer left it before the infection.

Our fees for virus removals are always reasonable, and includes on-site service or pick-up/ delivery. We usually schedule service the same day you call!

Virus and Spyware Removal
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